Dandy Tonight Vol.1 presented by FRIENDSHIP.

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Dandy Tonight Vol.1 presented by FRIENDSHIP.を全編Youtubeに公開しております。



I shared the whole videos of my first live show in Tokyo on YouTube
Please enjoy them^^

Dan Mitchel’s Dandy Tonight Vol.1

Presented by FRIENDSHIP.

Lyric,Music,Vocal,Programing,Mix&Mastering: Dan Mitchel

Piano:Aiko Yoshiba

Sax:Hinata Ishii


Backing Vocal:ao

Videographer, Lighting&Edition: Shogo Matsuda

Recorded at FS.Music Salon

Dandy Tonight Vol.1

Dandy Tonight Vol.1 presented by FRIENDSHIP.

1.I Will Always Love You/Whitney Houston

2.Smooth Criminal/Michael Jackson

3.Melty Kiss/Dan Mitchel


5.A Whole New World(Aladdin’s theme)

6.Piano Solo by Aiko Yoshiba

7.Versace On The Floor/Bruno Mars

8.夏のおわりに/Dan Mitchel

9.旅の途中/Dan Mitchel

10.Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen

11.Just the way you are/Billy Joel

12.Seaside Lovers/Dan Mitchel

13.Sunshine/Dan Mitchel

14.Beautiful Minds/Dan Mitchel

15.Alfie/Hal David &Burt Bacharach

16.Dreaming Girl/Dan Mitchel

17.Smooth Criminal/Michael Jackson

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