2nd Single”Melty Kiss” will be released on Valentine’s Day/バレンタインデーに新曲を発表します!

2nd Single”Melty Kiss”

Fortunately, my 2nd single”Melty Kiss” will be released on Valentine’s Day, curated by FRIENDSHIP.(HIP LAND MUSIC’s)

嬉しいことに、私の2枚目のシングルが、FRIENDSHIP.さんのサポートにより、バレンタインデーに発表できることになりました!その名も“Melty Kiss”

The interview for Melty Kiss/新曲のインタビュー

And this is the interview for the new song with 3 languages(English, Japanese and Spanish)

I talked about my feeling, how to make this music, my passion and what I want to do next.



[CM]Melty Kiss
Lyric Video

Please look forward to it!!


Music, Lyric, Vocals,

Programing&Mix:Dan Mitchel

Mastering:The soulmate

Curated by FRIENDSHIP.

Jacket Design:Dan Mitchel, De Los Santos, M.I.

Photographer:Atzshi Hiratzka


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